Welcome to AtariPC.net, a resource site dedicated to the PCx Series of IBM Compatible PC’s built and sold by Atari and quite possibly home to the largest collection of Atari IBM PC’s in the Southern Hemisphere.



Can you help?

If you have something you feel you can contribute to the website, please do not hesitate to contact me through the forum. I am always on the lookout for documentation, floppy media, hardware or anything related to the Atari PC series. If you do not wish to part with the item that is perfectly understandable, but I would appreciate in that case that you at least send me what you have in the way of photo’s, scans, files, basically anything which may be of use. I hate the idea of that what little is left of these PC’s is tucked away in private collections, so please do what you can to help get this information out there to help preserve the Atari PC for future generations as well as help your fellow retro enthusiasts.