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Please note anything with the Atari Part Number “C000000” is unknown. Most parts have the Part Number imprinted or labeled somewhere on the component however this is not always the case especially with smaller items.

Atari P/NDescriptionCategoryModelPhoto / Description
C000000-38616PNLLED Panel - PC5 386-16 MhzChassisPC5
C000000-BRE36VPanasonic BR-E3 6V Lithium BatteryComponentsPC3, PC4, PC5, ABC 286/60
C000000-INT-PWR-CABInternal Power ConnectorComponentsPCF554
C000000-ISA_RISER8-bit ISA Riser CardChassisPC2
C000000-PC2-REAR-PNLRear Motherboard PanelComponentsPC2
C000000-PC2-XTKB-CONXT Keyboard ConnectorComponentsPC2
C000000-PC2DRVBAY5.25" Drive BayComponentsPC2
C000000-PS135Seo Shin PS-135 135W AT Power SupplyChassisPC2
C000000-PWRBTPower ButtonChassisPC3, PC4, PC5
C070024KOYO 14.31818 MHz Oscillator 87-35ComponentsPC1
C070032Quartz 14.31818 MHz OscillatorComponentsPC1, PC2, PC3
C100027PC1 Chassis (Top)ComponentsPC1
C100040PC1 Chassis (Bottom)ChassisPC1
C100131Power / CPU LED Indicator Panel (Rev.A)ComponentsPC1
C100215-021Seiko Electonic SJ-40A12B 12V 40mm fanComponentsPC1
C100281-2KOYO 24.000 MHz Oscillator 87-35ComponentsPC1
C100290PC Speaker HolderChassisPC1
C1003525.25" Floppy Drive BracketComponentsPC1
C1003535.25" Floppy Drive BracketComponentsPC1
C100360PC1 MotherboardComponentsPC1
C100361KOYO 735 19.257 MHz OscillatorComponentsPC1, PC2, PC3
C100362KOYO 0737 16.257 MHz OscillatorComponentsPC1, PC2, PC3
C100373Internal Chassis Shielding (Top)ChassisPC1
C100374Internal Chassis Shielding (Bottom)ComponentsPC1
C100377Bottom Chassis InsulationChassisPC1
C100381-002Chinon FZ-502 5.25" 360K Floppy DriveDrivesPC1, PC2, PC3, PCF554
C100392Rear I/O Panel SheildingComponentsPC1
C100566PC2 Motherboard Rev 2.1ComponentsPC2
C100567PC2 MotherboardComponentsPC2
C100568PC2 MotherboardComponentsPC2
C100701PCF554 PCB HeatsinkComponentsPCF554
C100704PCF554 Chassis (Bottom)ComponentsPCF554
C100704PCF554 Chassis (Top)ComponentsPCF554
C100714PCF554 Regulator PCBComponentsPCF554
C100812PC3 Motherboard (NSI Logic EVC315-S EGA Graphics)ComponentsPC3
C100912HDD Expansion BoardComponentsPC1
C101683-28PLCC84ComponentsPC1, PC2, PC3
C101701-001Award BIOS (Version 3.05, 3.06)ComponentsPC1
C101701-002Award BIOS (Version 3.08) - C100812 PC3 motherboardComponentsPC3
C101701-004Award BIOS (Version 3.08)ComponentsPC1, PC2, PC3
C101702-001EGA Graphics ChipComponentsPC3
C101791-001AParadise VGA BIOS PC4X - EVENComponentsPC4
C101792-001AParadise VGA BIOS PC4X - ODDComponentsPC4
C101902-003Tekcon 8-bit ISA SlotComponentsPC3, PC4
C102201KOYO 0737 16.000 MHz OscillatorComponentsPC1, PC2, PC3
C102205Quartz 24.000 MHz OscillatorComponentsPC3
C103059LED PCB IndicatorChassisPC3, PC4, PC5
C103075Battery HolderChassisPC3, PC4, PC5, ABC 286/60
C103077-001DVE DSP-1514P 150W Power SupplyComponentsPC3, PC4
C103077-002Phihong PSA-1454/A 145W Power SupplyComponentsPC3, PC5
C103078PC Speaker HolderChassisPC3, PC4, PC5
C103098Rear I/O Card HolderChassisPC3, ABC 286/60
C103099Full Size Expansion Card HolderChassisPC5
C103100Chassis (Rear Panel)ComponentsPC5
C103101Rear I/O Card HolderChassisPC5
C103140Epson SD-680L 5.25" 1.2MB Floppy DriveDrivesPC4, PC5
C1031963.5" Front Panel CoverChassisPC3, PC4
C103272PC3 Motherboard (STMicroelectronic EGA Graphics)ComponentsPC3
C103322Memory Card I/O ShieldComponentsPC5
C103524-001PC4 MotherboardComponentsPC4
C103558-001Epson SMD-380 3.5" 720K Floppy DriveDrivesPC3
C300084-001Chassis (Bottom)ChassisPC3
C300084-002Chassis (Bottom)ChassisPC4
C300084-003Chassis (Bottom)ChassisPC5
C300085Chassis (Rear Panel)ChassisPC3
C300088Expansion Port CoverChassisPC3, PC4, PC5
C300088-001Drive and Power Supply BracketChassisPC5
C300099Drive and Power Supply Bracket (1989 revision)ChassisPC3
C300099-001Drive and Power Supply Bracket (1988 revision)ChassisPC3
C300100Case coverChassisPC3, PC4, PC5
C3001015.25" to 3.5" BracketChassisPC3
C300105Full Size Expansion Card HolderChassisPC3
C300107Front PanelChassisPC3, PC4, PC5
C3001105.25" Blank Front PanelChassisPC3, PC4, PC5
C300314-001Atari PC2 Owner's ManualDocumentationPC2
C300380AMI BIOS ROM 0ComponentsPC5
C300381AMI BIOS ROM 1ComponentsPC5
C300382AMI BIOS ROM 2ComponentsPC5
C300383AMI BIOS ROM 3ComponentsPC5
C300394PC5 MotherboardComponentsPC5
C30039532 Bit External Memory CardComponentsPC5
C300919-001256Kb 30 Pin SIPP Memory (Parity)ComponentsPC4
C301768-002AMI 286 BIOS 1.7 - EVENComponentsPC4
C301769-002AMI 286 BIOS 1.7 - ODDComponentsPC4
C3000537Memory Card Backing PlateComponentsPC5
C3000538Memory Card Backing Plate InsulationComponentsPC5
C100281002Quartz 24.000 MHz OscillatorComponentsPC1
C120002000-015.25" Drive Bay Rev. AComponentsPC2
CA200064-026Tekcon 30cm Floppy Cable (1 x 5.25") - No TwistComponentsPC3
CA200064-027Tekcon 34 pin RLL Hard Drive Control CableComponentsPC5
CA200165-003Tekcon 60cm Floppy Cable (1 x 5.25")ComponentsPC5
CA200250-027Tekcon 20 pin RLL Hard Drive Data CableComponentsPC5
CA200271-001Tekcon 15cm Floppy Cable (2 x 5.25")ComponentsPC3