Atari PC4 286-12/16


System Specifications:

AMD 286 Processor (either 12MHz or 16MHz depending on configuration)
1 MB 30 pin DIPP RAM (upgradable to 8MB)
Onboard Paradise PVGA1A-JK VGA Graphics
Epson SD-680L 5.25″ 1.2MB Floppy Drive or 1.44MB Floppy Drive
Seagate ST-277R 66MB RLL Hard Drive

Expansion Cards:

Data Technology Corporation DTC7187 RLL Controller


Microsoft MS-DOS 3.30 and GW BASIC 3.2
Microsoft Windows/286 Version 2.1


Mitsumi KPQ-E99YC AT Keyboard
Mitsumi 2 Button Serial Mouse


Introduced at COMDEX ’87 along with the PC2, the PC4 was the last in the Atari PC series to have an Atari designed motherboard and no longer featured an Atari Mouse port. In a further move away from using Atari components, both the Keyboard and Mouse were a generic Mitsumi model which were also found in other brand name IBM Compatibles at the time such as the Commodore PC series.