Award BIOS for Atari PC1, PC2 and PC3

Version V3.05 Date ??/??/1987 Size 256K
Description Earliest known revision found only on the Atari PC1.

Download not available at this time but contact me if you have it.

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Version V3.06 Date 10/01/1987 Size 256K
Description As far as I know it was only found on the Atari PC1.
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Version V3.07 Date 10/19/1987 Size 256K

As far as I know was only found on the Atari PC1.

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Version V3.08 Date 12/15/1987 Size 256K
Description Latest and final revision of the Award BIOS for the Atari PC. Shipped with the Atari PC2 and PC3 and also some later built Atari PC1’s.
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AMI BIOS for the Atari PC4/PC4LC (EVEN and ODD) and ABC 286

Version V1.x Date 09/25/1988 Size 256K
Description On the PC4 the BIOS chip labeled “PC4X-BIOS”. Earliest known version for the Atari PC4.
Also found on the PC4LC Motherboard in a very early revision ABC 286/30 with the BIOS chip labeled “PC4 Germany / PC NTSC”.
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Version V1.7 Date 02/22/1990 Size 256K
Description BIOS chip labeled “286/60”. This version has a known issue with HIMEM.SYS. See Atari Technical Bulletin ABC286-0001.
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Version  1.0.6 Date ??/??/1988 Size 256K
Description Chips and Technologies P82C441 EGA BIOS as found on the Atari PC4LC Motherboard (aka ABC 286/30) and other ABC 286 series boards.
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Version  Unknown Date 06/15/1988 Size 256K
Description Paradise PVGA1A-JK Onboard VGA BIOS. Found on all PC4 motherboard revisions.
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AMI BIOS for the Atari PC5

Version V1.00 Date Unknown Size 256K
Description AMI BIOS for the AMI 386XT Series-4 motherboard which includes in-built diagnostics. Has Atari copyright branding during POST but as far as I can tell it is a standard AMI BIOS.
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