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Listed here is a collation of all the documentation you will find on as well as various other items for the Atari PC / Atari ABC computers which don’t fit any of the current categories.

I currently have quite a large backlog of schematics/manuals/references/marketing material etc which I plan to eventually archive here free to download and use. Bare with me as this will take some time but if you have anything you wish to see up here and I have it, I will will make it a priority to scan and add. Please visit the forum and make a request.

I work will on better way to display these in the future but for now my focus is on getting as much as this documentation up as possible. Enjoy!


Last updated 4/10/2018


Atari Technical Bulletin

Atari Technical Bulletin – ABC286-001

Additions to User Manual

Atari ABC286-60 Aanvulling Op De Gebruikershandleiding BIOS Versie 1.7 (Dutch)
Atari PC ABC Annvulling Op De Gebruikershandleiding (Dutch)
Atari PC3 Annvulling Op De Gebruikershandleiding (Dutch)
Correction Tables for ABC16 286-60 Owner’s Manual

Owner’s Manual

Atari PC Owner’s Manual (English)
Atari PC3 Owner’s Manual (English)
Atari PC3 Owner’s Manual (German)
Atari PCC1415 EGA Monitor (Multilanguage)

Marketing/Sales Material

Atari Monitor Specificaties (Dutch)
Atari PC Specificaties (Dutch)
Atari PC2 Specification Sheet


DVE DSP-1514P Power Supply 130W (C103077-xxx Rev A)
DVE DSP-1514P Power Supply 130W (C103077-001 Rev B)
PSA-1454A Power Supply (Atari PC3/PC4/PC5)

Technical Information Sheets

Technische Informatie NR.54 – De PC4 Mitac Harddisk Installeren in de Setup (Dutch)
Technische Informatie NR.56 – Desolderen en Solderen van SMD Componenten (Dutch)
Technische Informatie NR.71 – Koude Start voor Portfolio (Dutch)
Technische Informatie NR.80 – Installeren Formatteren van de Syquest Removable in PC (Dutch)
Technische Informatie NR.81 – PC4X Geeft Geen Beeld en Start Niet Op (Dutch)
Technische Informatie NR.82 – Packed File Is Corrupt Melding Bij ABC en PC4X (Dutch)
Technische Informatie NR.83 – PC4X-PC4M DMA Problemen (Dutch)
Technische Informatie NR.84 – Listing of IBM PC3 Diagnostic Error Codes
Technische Informatie NR.85 – Onboard Video Uitzetten Bij PC3, ABC En PC4X (Dutch)
Technische Informatie NR.86 – 100ns RAM in 16 Mhz PC4X (Dutch)
Technische Informatie NR.89 – Modificatie PC4X Floppy Controller Circuit (Dutch)
Technische Informatie NR.90 – Kaart Modem in ABC286-30 (Dutch)